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Yay me!
i just got a cellphone if you want my number just ask. i totally feel weird with it haha :-p -Kate

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Kateeeeeeeee!!! I was going to IM you but you signed off of AOL. I need your number!!!! :-P

lmao i haven't been on AOL i'll pm you it at katie's board

Okie dokie. And If you want to reply to people's comments just click on the "reply to this" link otherwise the person won't know you even replie. :-)

i cant live without mine!

its on 24/7!

Oh same here! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i already joined that earlier today rose.... lol

Nope you didn't. According to the member list it doesn't list you as a member. You only added it to your friends list. If you click on the link you will become a member.

Oh and also I approve reequests to join because I don't want random people to join and I haven't gotten a request to join from you yet.

oh and that anni date is wrong

Yeah, because veneice and i only stayed in tulsa a week and i was mad that i was going to miss the recording session hanson was having because i wasn't getting to tulsa until the 8th of july

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